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We are a Los Angeles, CA based Authentic Folk Music from VenezuelaOMG BandVenezuela band with a distinct joyful and worldly sound. All the band members are from Venezuela whose common denominator is the love for our Venezuelan Folk music. Our exotic instruments produce a very rhythmic and contagious sound making it a unique genre and OMG proudly brings it out today in all of its beauty and syncopation.

The band was created in 2008 in Los Angeles, when most of the original eleven members decided it was time to come out of the private party-merry-go-round and show their fun music to the world.

OMG stands for Oye Mi Gaita which means Listen To My Gaita, a musical style born in the western city of Maracaibo, Venezuela in the mid 1950’s.

The name “Gaita” comes from the Western European gothic word ‘gaits’ which means goat. The membrane that covers the exotic drum called “Furruco”, is actually made up of goat leather, played with a vertical cane stick or “Verada”.


During the last years, Panatonix has played in many venues and events, creating a new name and growing in the Juanmusic business.

Our vision

We want to create a unique musical experience for our audiences by mixing sounds that appeal to them and make them dance.

Band Members

  •  Hernan de Beky (Director) – Venezuelan Cuatro, Vocals
  • Gabi Bigai – Percussion Ensemble (Tambora, Pujao, Tambor, Maracas, Other), Vocals
  • Nicolás de Béky (Guest) – Timbal
  • Luís Felipe Carrasquero – Vocals
  • Yeldri Castillo – VocalsGaby
  • Yoel Castillo – Piano
  • Mariela Fernández – Vocals
  • Carlos Fernández -Percussion Ensemble (Metal Charrasca, Congas, Other), Vocals
  • Daniel Indart – Percussion Ensemble (Furruco, Bongo Cowbell, Other), Vocals
  • Miguel Maio – Percussion Ensemble (Tambora, Guiro, Other), Vocals
  • Juan Carlos Portillo – Bass
  • Juan Carlos Rodríguez – Vocals
  • Gonzalo Suárez – Percussion Ensemble (Tambor, Bongo Cowbell, Bongo, Other), Vocals

Venezuela OMG is currently playing at various venues and events in the Los Angeles area.  For booking, contact our offices at  818-396-3114.


Sample Band Video

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